So how do we get to $500,000 in 3 years?
with the help of foundations, corporations and you.

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What can you do?
Pray. We have applied for grants from foundations, so please pray for favor.
Connect. We need more contacts. If you know someone who could be on board with this project, please share their information with us.
Commit.  If 250 people gave $2000 over the next three years – Just $55/month – we would be there.
Please ask yourself what you can give to join our team.
Sign up with our pledge form. You can give via check, paypal, or direct withdrawal from your account.
Host. You can host a party to help us spread the word. Talk to your pastor about meeting with us, let us come and speak to your small group Bible study, or just host a SAUCE dinner party! We will bring all the materials to share what God has done in our neighborhood and where He is taking us!
Join the Sauce Project today by giving via PayPal.


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