Our neighborhood was once one of the wealthier communities in Columbus, evidenced by our many beautiful old homes and the abandoned buildings that used to be grocery stores, movie theaters, and thriving local businesses. But the neighborhood has suffered over 40 years of decline and is largely defined by badges of neglect: violence, drug abuse, boarded up buildings, poverty, limited resources and failing schools.

  • 47.7% of residents are below poverty levelIMG_0002
  • 19% of residents are below 50% of the poverty level
  • 56% of our neighborhood families are single women below poverty level
  • Median household income: $11,800
  • 68% of neighborhood housing is rentals
  • 19% of our houses are vacant

At Urban Connections, we believe that there is hope for our community, that it can be a place of opportunity, stability and pride, when these are built through relationships. Wholistic ministry means we listen and love our neighbors and work together to develop our community. With kids and families living under desperate conditions, it is imperative that we do all we can to give access to resources, opportunities and discipleship.

IMG_0021Space has become the limiting factor to continued growth. In our current ministry house, we can accommodate onlyabout 25 people for after school programs, service teams, worship services or tutoring, and we can only hold one program or event at a time.

Our longing for years has been to walk alongside more families. The new facility will more than double our capacity to work towards wholistic community development. We will be able to increase group size and also utilize the space with more than one activity at a time. More time with families and students means more relationship building, discipleship, education and safe fun.